03 May 2014

A-Z Challenge Fail!

After getting nearly all the way through the A-Z challenge, I failed on the last three days.  I've had a weird and frantic week so haven't had the time or impetus to write blog posts.  

I worked for two days this week which didn't end well.  Without going into too much detail, it was not the kind of work culture I want to be in.  I finished my last contract in January and, even if this had been my dream job, I found it such a rude shock to be bad in the commuter lifestyle.  

It's a major commute to the city from my house - a bus then the train then sometimes a tram depending on where I'm working.  It's a pretty special day when all those run to timetable and I get where I need to be without extensive waits.  Then, I get on the train and I have to deal with people.  Lots of people.  

You know, for a while I thought I suffered from social anxiety.  Then I looked up the symptoms. Social anxiety hinges around being afraid of being judged by others (total simplification there).  With me, it's not so much that.  It's that other people annoy the fuck out of me.  Even if they aren't actually annoying me, I know they have the potential to do so and that puts me so much on edge.

Last month, for the first time, I made enough money from writing to comfortably live on.  Everything was in the right alignment - I had a new release on the series I'm writing under my pen name and have a very successful ad run for the first book in the series.  I'd had a dream that if I released the second book and priced it at 99 cents for a week while having the first in the series available for free, I'd get to #1 on Amazon.  Of course, that didn't come true but my free book went to #6 in free books on the entire US Amazon site.  That's a pretty huge accomplishment.  

The past few months, I've been writing and getting things done but I've been totally haphazard about it.  After the few days I spent working, I've realised I have to get serious about this.  I need to treat writing as a job.  Something that's non-negotiable every day.

It is possible to make money writing, enough to live on.  I've seen people do it.  The "trick" is to work hard.  Really hard.  Have constant new releases available and get a huge catalogue of books out.  I need to work on making every month the same as my April.  When that becomes the norm, I can stop thinking about getting a job because writing will be my job.

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  1. Congrats on doing well with your books. Sorry about the last couple days of the A to Z. It happens. You made it further than many. (I found many blogs which stalled out around M or J.)

    Crowds bother me, too. There's just something about a lot of people that overwhelms me. The noise. The bodies in the way. It's kind of like sensory overload. Not so much anxiety.

    Good luck with finding your writing rhythm. It'll come.

    1. Yeah definitely sensory overload. I just wonder if the more I avoid it, the worse I get.


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