26 August 2013

Bladder control - you don't appreciate it until it's gone!

Everyone laughed at me for saying this at work the other day but bladder control, you have to appreciate it.

One day, when you get older, you might not have it any more and then you'll be thinking, man I wish I'd made the most of it while I had it.  I'd have laughed my guts out (without worrying about a wet spot), I'd have sneezed like a bastard.  I'd have stopped worrying about someone not liking my outfit or thinking my crazy pink nail polish was too much or the other crazy irritating small stuff. 

So let's have an appreciate your body day.  You know it's only going to go downhill from now on.

20 August 2013

Wasting Time

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because I have bronchitis and I can't trust my own senses through this coughing haze.

I pretty much took a few years break from writing to study Japanese and one thing I've discovered that is common to both activities is that there is no end to them. Not just no future goal post stretched out in front of you where you can say "I'm done" but within your daily schedule, there is always something more you could be doing.

Learn a few more kanji, add some more polish to a scene. It starts to add a burden of guilt to your day - both activities will expand to fill the time you devote to them. 

You can pass tests to prove your Japanese ability and then totally forget the word for "rain" in a simple conversation. You can be published and/or earning decent money and people will still hate your writing and think you suck.

Lately, I've been "wasting" a lot of time. I've been planning my holiday and I get really into that stuff. My practical, common sense part of my brain tells me I just need to find an adequate hotel in my price range and book it, yet I spend hours comparing different places and their rates on different sites.

I have to look at every photo and compare the breakfast buffets. I have a total obsession with the breakfast buffets at Japanese business hotels. The Toyoko Inn in Akita had the best one I've discovered so far! I have to check out the beds and the types of toiletries you get.

Add sites like AirBnB into the mix where you get to check out other people's homes and I'm in time suckage paradise.

But I could be doing more productive things, right? Except that I've realised it's something I enjoy doing. Part of the fun of the holiday. I like to look at different hotels and do all the research. I've stopped short of making a spreadsheet with pros and cons of each place (this time... if you ever need something like that for Tokyo though, just contact me).

When I realised that I'm doing this as a hobby, I decided to stop with the guilt. Sure it might be time consuming and not necessary but that's me, it's who I am.

And maybe, in some ways, I'm getting something out of it beyond just booking a hotel room. It's a chance to dream and create a whole holiday fantasy world in my head. It puts me in the holiday before I even start. It's world building, which is essential for writing.

I think I need to set a writing time goal for each day so that I can do other things without guilt. Every job has a knock-off time and without that, I'll always feel like I'm not doing enough. I want the feeling of 'ah, I'm finished' so I have time for the things that breathe life into my writing.

13 August 2013

The Bad Girls' Club Chocolate Giveaway!

I'm hosting my first ever giveaway. When planning this, I wondered what would make a good prize. Then I remembered there is a scene in The Bad Girls' Club where Imogen pigs out on chocolate. When I wrote it, I wasn't sure if overseas readers would know what I was talking about. Cherry Ripes? Caramello Koalas? Pollywaffles*?

So, to bring you up to speed, I'm having a chocolate giveaway!

I don't have a photo of the prize and there is a good reason for this - if I bought it now, I'd eat it myself then I'd have to rebuy it. It would be an endless cycle! However, you will get four high quality, Australian only chocolate bars + some other treats. Who doesn't love new and foreign chocolate? Fools, that's who. And maybe the lactose intolerant.

Of course, if you are Australian, you are probably like 'meh, that's ordinary' but you can still win a copy of The Bad Girls' Club ebook.

Enter, you know you want to!

Already own a copy of The Bad Girls' Club? Well take a photo of yourself reading it on your kindle (or the print version) and sent me a copy or add a link in the comments and you get 10 entries! Let me know if it's okay to feature the photo on here or if you want it kept private.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

10 August 2013

My week

I got my hair cut for the first time in about 8 months!

I went to work in a freaken typhoon (I don't even know if we have typhoons in Australia but if we do, it was one).

I booked a side trip to Seoul as part of my Japan holiday.  Many cosmetics will be bought!

I went shoe shopping but didn't buy anything.

How was your week?

06 August 2013

Legs are important!

I seem to have ongoing leg issues mainly, I think, because I have super strong thighs but no glute muscles at all. Sir Mix-a-lot would not have a bar of me, that's for sure.

Over the last week, I'd been having problems with my right leg until, on Friday, it became incredibly painful just to sit at my desk at work. I went home and spend the weekend in recovery mode - heat packs, leg elevated, Deep Heat (is that a thing outside of Australia? I never know if things are Australian brands or international).

My sister had been nagging me to watch Teen Wolf with her for ages and I had no interest but being incapacitated and bribed with M&Ms and cups of tea, I succumbed.

Does anyone else watch Teen Wolf? It is kinda amusing.

Anyway, I can walk now but am being very careful. I've been spending the extra 20 minutes or so to go around the loop on the train in the morning instead of walking through the park and I've been wearing runners when I'm not working. I want my legs in tip-top condition before I head to Japan.

01 August 2013

The Bad Girls' Club -- in dead tree form!

You can scribble in the margins, highlight the good bits and bend the spine back.  You can read it at the beach and put it over your face to prevent sunburn if you want to take a little nap.  You can sit on the train reading it proudly, not just huddled anonymously over your kindle.

Get it now at Amazon, and soon at other distributors.

I'm thinking of having a special celebratory giveaway soon for the print version.  I just need to finish organising my holiday and napping first.