31 May 2013


I love polka dots a LOT.  And, while my new doona cover from Ikea is not polka dot (as polka dots are evenly sized and spaced), it's pretty damn close.

My only concern is that I might get lost amongst the dots.

me and dots

By the way, I don't usually look that smug and annoying. 

22 May 2013

A sudden rush of LOVE?

I met a guy through a personal ad when I was living in Japan in 2010.  We went on one date, an awkward date filled with uncomfortable silences but pretty damn awesome Italian-Japanese food, if I remember correctly.  He met me at the station in a suburb he wasn't familiar with, which made me think he had a wife and didn't want to meet me anywhere near home.

At the end of the night, we parted ways and I never heard from him again.

Until this weekend.  He sent me an email saying - Long time, no see.  Want to meet up again?

That second date is a scary move for some.

19 May 2013

Weekly Link Round Up

It's been a quiet but busy week here - I've been working on a story that I want to get out next month.  It's going to be a light and funny read, I hope.  Don't forget, you can sign up to my newsletter over on the side bar.

Kazoku Game - maybe the best drama I've ever watched.  I hang out all week until I can download it.  Kazoku Game is the story of a seemingly perfect family with one problem, a younger son who refuses to go to school.  They hire a home tutor for him who uses unothodox methods that uncover the issues aren't with the son but with the family as a whole and particularly the "perfect" older son.  This drama turns the tropes of your typical Japanese dramas on their heads and is hard hitting about the root of problems in Japanese society.  Not your typical feel-good quirky drama.

I lost my wallet about a month ago and have been slack about replacing it, but I'm thinking hard about this one from ASOS.  I don't have a polka dot problem or anything!

I've been looking for accommodation for my trip to Japan and, while it's a bit rich for my blood, the Claska looks like a fab place to stay, a real change from the stodgy chain hotels (that all tend to look the same no matter how high class) that are usually pushed at tourists travelling to Japan.

If you live in Melbourne and think a night of walking around Fitzroy listening to raunchy stories sounds like fun, then you won't want to miss out on the Fitzroy Frolic.  Bonus, you get to stalk me!

I started the Fast Diet this week.  So far, it's going well.  I haven't bought the Fast Diet Recipe book but I'm very tempted.  Sticking to 500 calories for the day tests your creative cooking skills.

17 May 2013

Cheap Desire

I have my collection of short stories on sale for just 99 cents this week with a spunky new cover!

Amazon US

Amazon UK

I'm having trouble loading images to blogger so I can't add the cover. 

11 May 2013

Writing News

Firstly, I've got a short story coming out in Alison Tyler's new anthology, Shhh! Don't Tell Anyone... Erotic Fantasies about Sexy Occupations I really had heaps of fun writing this story and imagining a scenario a bit different from the usually sexy jobs.

More details to come.

Secondly, a review of my short story collection, DESIRE, on Erotica for the Big Brain.

The first impression one gets on entry into the erotic word-scape of Kathryn O’Halloran’s Desire, is of the sheer rhythmic vibrancy of her prose, the frenetic onomatopoeic energy informing structure even as it drives language.

And lastly, Novel Escapes gives The Bad Girls' Club a whooping great 5 star review!

The Bad Girls' Club by Kathryn O'Halloran is exactly the type of chick lit book I adore when I want a fun and uncomplicated fully enjoyable read. From the first page, I found myself devouring the book though it did get a bit racy at times. But let's be honest, most of us have thought about this stuff if not having done it.

04 May 2013

I've done two bad things lately

I'll 'fess up to one of them.  I joined a gym (that's not the bad thing) but, after a few visits decided it wasn't for me.  It's a 24 hour access gym with staff there during the day and swipe card entry after hours. 

The first thing I disliked was that they have no lockers, just shelves for your bags.  If I go to the gym after work, I have my wallet, my Galaxy tab and other valuables in my bag.  I don't want to spend my workout time keeping one eye on it to make sure no one swipes anything.

Secondly, the gym is tiny (3 smallish rooms) and, after work, it's far too overcrowded.  There is one lat machine in the whole gym (and a heap of those shitty machines that you don't even need), there are maybe 6 treadmills.  That's a lot of waiting.  Plus there are about 4 personal trainers working there and they are arrogant, like most personal trainers, and hog all the space.  I had to try to get over a personal trainee on the floor blocking the water fountain.

Also, there are no change rooms just 2 toilets and a shower (unisex).  I don't like changing in toilets or showers.  Especially showers, they are all wet.

Then I lost my wallet with my swipe card in it.  To replace it would cost $$$.  I think they charge about $40! For a plastic swipe card!

So I cancelled my membership.  They started being dodgy - I actually cancelled on the payment day and they said I owed that day's payment + 2 more fortnights.  The cancellation period is 4 weeks but that meant I'd be paying for 6.

Then the payment didn't go through so they tried again.  I didn't know they could just bung a payment through your account whenever they felt like.  That seemed dodgy to me.

They tried a few times to take the payment out and it didn't work.  Then it dawned on - because I'd lost my wallet, I'd got a new card issued and they had the old number.

I was going to give them the new credit card number but then realised they could "forget" to cancel the direct debit and I have nightmares trying to sort that out.

I figured I'd pop in after work and sort it out but the "manned" staff are never there the hours they are supposed to be so I've just ignored them.  After a couple of emails, they have given up but they looks of things. 

Technically, I should pay those last 2 payments but it's really money for nothing. I couldn't use the gym without a card and I had no intention of paying for a replacement. 

On a slightly different note - how would you feel about going to a gym that's unstaffed after hours?  I didn't really think about it at first then I noticed an emergency alarm button and that got me worried.

You could get stuck under some gym equipment or have an accident and there would be no staff to help out.  Maybe you could limp to the emergency button, maybe not.

Also, if you are a woman alone in the gym at night and some hulking dude came in, that could turn nasty, really nasty.  Especially if they are on some of those dodgy bodybuilding drugs.

As to the second bad thing I've done... it's nothing that big or bad but I don't really want to talk about it.