28 April 2013

What Are You Looking At? Weekly Link Round Up

It's been a tough week this week.  I've had bronchitis but had to go to work which is fine but I do feel like all I'm doing is working and sleeping at the moment.  Luckily I had the public holiday on Thursday to get some rest.

So, what have I been looking at this week:

Dolphins! I have long suspected that dolphins are not the cute, hippy-trippy animals they make themselves out to be.  They have those freaky teeth and that horrible eee-e noise.  But did you know about attack dolphins?  Do not go swimming with dolphins, people.  Do not trust them.

I am totally not a Doctor Who fan but even I think this Tardis fridge is pretty damn awesome.

If you live in Melbourne and love meat, how awesome does Meatmother sound?  I so need to go there, I so need to try a bacon sour.  Everything is better with bacon, right.  Even cocktails.

This karaoke place in Tokyo has a room with a hot tub.  Yes, you can lay in the hot tub and sing.  At first, I freaked out about the dangers of electrocution from dropping the microphone but then I realised it's in Roppongi (the vilest place on Earth) so I don't care.

I want all the pretty dresses.  This one is so especially cute.

By the way, do you like my new template?  It's by the super talented Sharnee at Suck My Lolly.

20 April 2013

This is weird, right? Overheard conversation on the bus

I'd not normally blog about someone's personal conversation but the chick was talking on her phone really loudly on the bus so I figure she's already put it out there.  If you want to have a private conversation, don't have it in public.

She did have her back turned so that she faced the window of the bus as though somehow if people couldn't make eye contact, they couldn't heard her.  I'm not really sure how that works.

The conversation started off ordinary enough, although the woman making the call sounded nervous and strained.  That small talk you make when really you are ringing to ask someone a favour or to give you a reference or loan you money.  Small talk that you just want to get over to hear the yes or no.

Then came the bit that make us realised this was a little bit freaky.

I wanted to know if you'd heard from my father.  He disappeared about a year ago and I'm trying to get in touch with him.
Made even weirder because she'd mentioned getting married and having a child in the last year.  You don't get in touch with your father when you're planning your wedding then suddenly, months later remember he exists?  You don't have any way of contacting him so you ring someone you aren't at ease with or know very well to get his number?

She then mentioned they were going to meet up for dinner about a year ago but the father had cancelled at the last minute saying he had to go interstate.  That was the last she'd heard of him.

Then some of the bingo ladies got on the bus and talked loudly.  I wondered about the etiquette of asking them to STFU so I could hear the rest of the phone conversation.

Then she dropped this into the conversation:

Yeah, he was hanging aroung with some bad people.  Maybe you're right.  Maybe he's doing this to keep us safe.
Not long after that, she got off the bus.  We looked at each other and were like OMG! Your father disappears and you not only wait a year to look for him, you ring someone and have a conversation like that on the bus.  It made us wonder if it was actually real or some kind of wacky performance art designed to intrigue the casual listener.

17 April 2013

Making friends in Auckland

I met up with this guy in Auckland.  I'm not sure who he is but the people who kindly took the photo for me said he's Uncle Arthur.  I couldn't resist patting his shiny head.

15 April 2013

Officially funny

The Bad Girls' Club is currently #23 in humour on Amazon at the moment. That makes me officially one of the funniest people in the world - and don't think I haven't been working that into every conversation I've had this weekend!

Now I just have to topple those 22 books ahead of me. Damn you, Douglas Adams and Janet Evanovich.

Update: I am now #10

14 April 2013

What Are You Looking At? Weekly Link Round Up

Well, this week was taken up with getting my new cover sorted (see the post below) and managing to hit headlines at work while having a nasty cold. Hopefully this coming week will be a bit easier.

Breast milk Jewelry - I'm not sure about this. Would you want your mother wearing the milk she fed you around her neck? It might be cute when you are a baby but when you are in high school, maybe not so much.

It also got me wondering - why do we call it breast milk? What, as opposed to say armpit milk?

My sister has become obsessed with online bingo and we are thinking of going to the local bingo parlour. Yes, it's called Broadway Bingo Bonanza! I've seen all the women rushing out between games to huddle around the smoker stand outside and the thought of playing bingo with them freaks me out. What if I prematurely call "BINGO"? There is a real chance of violence.

It's grilled cheese month -- woohoo! And Julie Valerie is featuring a melange of chick lit writers and cheesy stuff on her blog. It's an hallouminating look at some great writers. Oh yeah, I went there.

My friend Aimee is the kind of person who makes you wish you had a vocabulary with words more awesome than awesome and she's got a collection of short stories out at the moment. The Mercy of Strangers - super hot. Why aren't you reading it already?

How did ALF work? It's kind of freaky. You know there is an episode of ALF where that annoying kid and his annoying friend have to do a school performance as asparagus and the dad writes them a lame song. I have never been able to eat aspargus without singing that lame song.

12 April 2013

The Bad Girls' Club: new cover and promo offer!

My heart is bursting with joy at my brand, spanking new cover for The Bad Girls' Club (as designed by the super talented Scarlett).  I love it to bits and think it really highlights the essence of the book, which is about chicks having fun and getting up to no good.

To celebrate the new cover, for this week only (until April 20th), you can get a copy for the next-to-nothing price of $0.99.  That's so cheap, you might even want to think of gifting it to all the bad girls' in your club.

The Bad Girls' Club: it's about sex, it's about dares but most of all, it's about friendship.

"While making you laugh out loud, this book really makes you stop and think about your life. It makes you contemplate stepping out of your comfort zone and finding the real you. It also makes you realize how important good friends and a good book are."

"Kathryn O'Halloran did an excellent job in creating characters that are realistic. We all know a Juliette -- an extra sweet quiet girl. Beth -- seems stuck up but sweet and never seems to get a break. Imogen -- seems tough but she is really a sweetheart. This is a charming story, that is funny at times, Sexy at others, and an all around joy to read."

"Oh my gosh. What I book. I must say, it evoked serious emotions in me. I empathised, I cheered, I wanted to binge on chocolate, and I was over the moon at the end."

So, what are you waiting for?

Buy now on Amazon (USA), Amazon (UK), Amazon (Japan)or Amazon (Canada)
Or Kobo in any country you like.

Note - Amazon seem to be a bit slow in updating the cover so it might still be showing the old version.  It's live!

Note 2- while the picture above might suggest there is a paper version available, it is NOT YET available but will be coming soon.

Currently at #34 for humour on Amazon!  Woohoo!

08 April 2013

And now for something cheesy...

I had some awesome cheeses in New Zealand. I'm not usually a fan of blue cheese but discovered the blue cheese + honeycomb combo. It is like a very sophisticated party in your mouth. I didn't get any photos because it took place in a very dimly lit wine bar, accompanied by a very saucy local riesling.

If you want to know more about cheeses, head over to the Chick Lit Chat blog right now and read The Bad Girls' Guide to Cheeses. You know you want to.

Then come back here and leave a comment about your own truths and dares and you could win a $5 Amazon voucher (to buy my book... well you could buy any book but I recommend mine).

Return from Auckland

I just got back from Auckland today - nice to have a weekend away.  I didn't get a lot done because there was a triathalon happening in the middle of the city and, with so many streets blocked, it was hard to get around.

I caught the ferry to Waiheke Island which was beautiful and hit the beach for a while.  I seem to only ever go to the beach when I'm on holidays, never just for a day trip when I'm home in Australia.

Are there things you only do when you on holidays? 

04 April 2013

My bags are packed...

I'm off to Auckland tomorrow.  I think I'm organised.  It's been one of those weeks - a short week anyway with Easter and then taking tomorrow off that was made even busier because I lost my wallet last weekend.  I got sorted with a cash card from my bank so hopefully that should all be okay now.

I find as I get older, the packing gets easier.  I don't need a huge array of outfits.  I know what I like wearing - what looks good and is still comfortable.  I also don't need to pack for a range of eventualities like nightclubbing until dawn or that fancy party I might score an invitation for (although it's a bit sad that I no longer think those parties might happen).  I also pack much lighter with make up and accessories.

I did have a slight panic.  I got the charger for my camera in Japan so it doesn't work in Australia and I'd packed it away somewhere.  I figure it's worth taking and picking up a power adaptor on my travels so I can use.  I just had no idea where the charger could be.  I found it.  Also found some awesome jewellery I forgot I had and varous other things in a box.

The hardest bit about packing is that I have to take checked in bags (long story) but I didn't have nearly enough stuff.  There are so many tips and hints about how to cram all your stuff into a suitcase, nothing about how to pad the suitcase out when it isn't full.  I mean, you don't want that stuff rattling around inside.

I've got my ticket, I've got my passport.  I've got cash and a polka dot dress.  I think I'm sorted.

Anyway, what are your travel essentials? 

03 April 2013

The Dangers of Having an Imagination

I had to go to the dentist last night.  One of my teeth had chipped and then, with Easter indulgences, started to pain.  I rang yesterday morning and got a same day appointment for after work. Score.  Then I was so pleased to get it dealt with straightaway it took me until mid-afternoon for the nerves to kick in.

See, I am terrfied of the dentist.  Absolutely, pants poopingly terrified.  I spent all afternoon imaging horrible scenarios and outcomes.  I could almost feel the icky feeling you get when the needle wears off.  By the time I left work, I was a mess.

Here's the thing - my dentist is actually really good and it didn't hurt at all.  I did have a sore shoulder afterwards from gripping the chair so tightly but the dental work itself went well. 

I had some pretty horrific experiences with school dental nurses as a kid including being ignored when I told them the tooth they were drilling wasn't dead.  That's some deep seated dental trauma right there.

So my goal is -- well to not go to the dentist again -- but if I do, to learn to relax.  Also, to hunt down those sadist dental nurses and get payback!