23 February 2013

#20 in Erotica at Amazon Japan

My short story, Photos, is currently sitting at #20 in the erotica category at Amazon Japan.  This makes me very happy.

21 February 2013

I Heart Books

Check out I Heart Books for an interview with me and a review of The Bad Girls' Club.

'The Bad Girls Club’ is a fabulous debut that allows you to journey with Beth, Imogen and Juliette as they embark on a journey of self discovery, intent on ditching their good girl image and delving into a few fantasies along the way.

Although at times the story is racy, its mainly about the friendship the three girls share and what they learn about themselves as the story develops.

19 February 2013

Truth, dare and … Little Raven

Little Raven Publishing isn’t your everyday erotica – irreverent, surreal and super hot writing is more the order of the day.  And sometimes those writers even leave their keyboards to perform in riotous carnivals of lustful words.
Don’t you want know Little Raven’s secrets?
After the packets of Fantales and glasses of red cordial someone would yell ‘truth, dare, double-dare, kiss, command or torture!’ I was ten.
The dares didn’t interest me: play the piano at midnight, jump in the pool or a makeover in darkness. Truth seemed dangerous; I confessed I was a regular shoplifter and had recently discovered my parents’ copy of The Joy of Sex.
Truth or Dare reappeared recently in my adult life after I was given Susie Bright’s I dare you. I devoured her suggestions (‘Tell me what sexual talent you wish you had in spades’) and created my own. My friends and lovers have performed impromptu fan dances, sung songs while guzzling wine and dressed up as pirates.
I still choose truth and share my desires with many: my James Spader fantasies, the thrill of flashing my stockings and my dream of editing erotica in a giant martini glass. Tongues click as I reveal another thing that I like – and there are sighs of frustration when I keep something to myself. What a tease!
My Truth and Dare journey isn’t over yet, to this day no one has ever double-dared me. Why don’t you write me a story about? Go on, I dare you.
Photo credit: Mark Russell Dean
Little Raven finds the delight in playing truth or dare for grownups. Little Raven One: Erotic stories and poems is available now for your reading pleasure.

16 February 2013

All Things Girl: Now and Then Issue

I write about photos and ageing at All Things Girl along with fantastic writings and photos.

Btw I am never sure whether ageing should have an "e" in it!

12 February 2013

Truth, Dare and… Amber Myers

Amber is not only the incredibly funny woman behind the very amusing Airing My Dirty Laundry blog, she’s also a writer of chick lit.  So, let’s delve into the dirty laundry of Amber’s dares.

The craziest dare I've ever done? Honestly, nothing too insane. I once had to go up to a boy and tell him I liked him--but I was 10, so it wasn't so mortifying. I've never had to streak, which is a good thing, because no one wants to see my naked butt. And with my luck, someone would record it, post it on YouTube, and then it would go viral. How would I explain THAT to my husband?

Why did I do it? My friends dared me. But again, we were young. I haven't played the game in many years. Maybe I should start. It would probably be amusing. I imagine I'd be dared to take shots. I'm awful at taking shots. I tend to sip them and get laughed at.

The outcome of telling the boy I liked him? Bad. He looked at me as though I were insane. I probably looked insane since I was shaking so much. His feelings were NOT mutual. This was okay though since I'm from a military family and we moved every few years so I got to escape him.

To be honest, I’ve never confessed my feelings to a guy.  Ever.  I know, I’m a wimp.

Want to read more of Amber Myers?  Check out her book, The Swimmer's Assistant .

Meet Jane Williams.

She doesn’t understand the popularity of Twilight, can’t walk properly in high heels, struggles to speak Starbucks (venti what?), and nearly drowned in the toilet when she was a baby.

amber_myersMeet Brian Parker.

He’s a star swimmer with a temper and has just hired Jane to be his assistant as he trains for the London Olympics.

Enter the problem.

Jane has developed feelings for Brian which is ridiculous because he has a dog who hates her, he chews with his mouth open, and has a perfect Twilight-obsessed girlfriend named Vanessa who plays Cinderella at Disneyland. Surely her crush can’t amount to anything. Or can it? There was that time when they nearly kissed…..

09 February 2013

International Hotties (or Notties): Koreans!

After last week’s discussion of the Scottish – who I rate notties but a lot of women think are hotties – this week we are zooming around the globe to Korea.  South Korea that is.

I have a thing for Koreans, I have to admit so I’m voting definitely HOT!

First of all you have the Prince of Asia, Jang Keun Suk with his shiny, shiny hair. 

Jang Geun Suk’s Doppelganger Is...

Do you need any more evidence?  I could leave it just there and that would be enough, surely?

Then you have all the pretty blonde Korean boys.  Every time my sister suggests getting another beagle, I say I want a blonde Korean pet.  Is that wrong?  Who cares!

short blond hair jeremy

What do you think?  Koreans – hot or not?

07 February 2013

Photo Thursday: Crazy Festival Guy

festival guy
Festival guy
I followed this guy around the festival to get a photo.  He seemed happy to pose.  Yes, he wore that octopus on his head all day.

05 February 2013

We interrupt...

Sorry, no Truth and Dare this Tuesday due to my ongoing fight against bugs in my system but, if you missed out on the fun of previous weeks, you can check out all the posts on the Truth, Dare and... tab.

So far we've had:

Philippa Moore

Row from Passionate Jade

Hildred Billings

And, don't forget, you can read all about dares and dares gone wrong in The Bad Girls Club available at Amazon: US | UK | Japan and also Kobo, B&N for Nook, Sony and the Apple bookstore.

03 February 2013

What are you looking at this week?

No link round up from me this week because I have a nasty flu and am feeling very vague.  But, since I'm confined to the couch at the moment, I'd love it if you'd let me know what's entertaining you on the internets this week? 

Ok, I do have one link - Quality Over Quantity: Melbourne's Indie Publishers - a lovely surprise to see my book featured.

01 February 2013

International Hotties and Notties: The Scottish

I see a lot of romance novels around with Scottish heroes.  I blame Sean Connery for that because on the ranking of International Hotties, how can the Scottish rank so high?

The main issue/s as I see them are this - you can't understand their accents (I can understand Chinese more easily than I can understand Scottish) and they drink too much.  The real problem starts when you put those two things together.

I went out with a Scottish guy and I could barely understand a word he said.  As he drank, it got worse.  Then he'd get pissed off and say he didn't have an accent and everyone acted like they couldn't understand to piss him off.



What attracts women?  Is it their kilt?  Their sporran?  The firey red hair?  The aloof and wild head of a clan in a remote place just waiting to be tamed by a woman's touch?  

Am I missing something important about Scottish men?
What do you think?  Scottish men - hot or not?