06 August 2013

Legs are important!

I seem to have ongoing leg issues mainly, I think, because I have super strong thighs but no glute muscles at all. Sir Mix-a-lot would not have a bar of me, that's for sure.

Over the last week, I'd been having problems with my right leg until, on Friday, it became incredibly painful just to sit at my desk at work. I went home and spend the weekend in recovery mode - heat packs, leg elevated, Deep Heat (is that a thing outside of Australia? I never know if things are Australian brands or international).

My sister had been nagging me to watch Teen Wolf with her for ages and I had no interest but being incapacitated and bribed with M&Ms and cups of tea, I succumbed.

Does anyone else watch Teen Wolf? It is kinda amusing.

Anyway, I can walk now but am being very careful. I've been spending the extra 20 minutes or so to go around the loop on the train in the morning instead of walking through the park and I've been wearing runners when I'm not working. I want my legs in tip-top condition before I head to Japan.


  1. I had the same idea as you before I went on my trip. Though I actually stopped going out and exercising for a whole month because I swore I was going to get blisters or pull some muscle right before I was about to leave. I ended up getting the worst blisters i've ever had and one popping on my 2nd day. New shoes a month before will be my remedy next time.

    1. That's a bit extreme. I think I need to do the opposite and go into walking training!


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