26 August 2013

Bladder control - you don't appreciate it until it's gone!

Everyone laughed at me for saying this at work the other day but bladder control, you have to appreciate it.

One day, when you get older, you might not have it any more and then you'll be thinking, man I wish I'd made the most of it while I had it.  I'd have laughed my guts out (without worrying about a wet spot), I'd have sneezed like a bastard.  I'd have stopped worrying about someone not liking my outfit or thinking my crazy pink nail polish was too much or the other crazy irritating small stuff. 

So let's have an appreciate your body day.  You know it's only going to go downhill from now on.


  1. I still don't understand it myself. And I used to laugh at my mom during a fit of laughter coupled with a jump roping session. But as I get older, so does my circle of friends, most of them with children, I learn more about the weakness of the bladder.


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