28 July 2013

Do new writers need protecting?

I recently read a blog post about a writer who'd been sent an email promoting a blog tour business.  I can't find the post now but the general idea is that if you were new to the writing business and got that kind of email, you'd not realise that you could do it yourself and end up forking over cash you didn't need to.  We must protect the new writers.

I thought about that for a while and decided, do we? Do we really?

Sure there are some unscrupulous people out there, preying on those without information. But hell, that happens everywhere.  If you want to buy your first car, do you rock up to the car dealer with a wad of cash and take what he offers you?  Maybe some people do, but I'd consider that a 'stupid tax'.

Anyone with a lick of brains would research and get advice.  If you are a complete newbie,  you educate yourself.

And, come on, this is the 21st century.  It takes about 2 minutes on google to find a mountain of articles on promotion for writers.  Read them, be discerning and ask questions.  If someone is selling services to writers, check their price against their competitors.  If their prices are substanially higher, ask why.  Ask around and get recommendations.  Do a bit of snooping.  If they say they have a million twitter followers, check it out and make sure that's not a million bots.

Even new writers aren't new to the world of buying stuff, and services for writers are no different to any other service.


  1. The only think that I see from these blog tours that would be cool is meeting new people. There is a blogger I follow that has attended a few of these blog tours and it seems she meets new people and makes friends. I guess the same could be accomplished with a blogger meetup without the cost involved of a blog tour. Least I think so, I wouldn't mind meeting other bloggers. And I have but more like a one on one type deal. I wouldn't cough up the cash to learn how to better blog since Google is a free know-it-all.

    1. For writers, blog tours are mostly when a tour organiser gets book bloggers to promote your book, review it etc. Of course you can contact bloggers directly for that but I think the advantage is that the tour organiser has built up a relationship with bloggers and they are more likely to agree to specific dates etc whereas you are just a random stranger emailing them.


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