01 June 2013

Everyday Stories: Fortune Telling

Photo (c) by Anomalous Productions @ Flickr

My friend told me a story about a women she knew who'd been to a fortune teller.  The fortune teller told this woman that her husband would come home from work with surprise tickets for a holiday.  One of their sons would go with them but the other one would have to stay home.  While they were away, her husband would die*.

The woman laughed .  Her husband was not a romantic bloke and the thought of him surprising her with an overseas holiday to an exotic location just seemed crazy.

Until a few weeks later, when he came home from work telling her that one of the guys he worked with told him about a really good online deal so he'd acted on the spur of the moment and booked a family holiday to Thailand.

It gets spookier.  One of the sons had a school event for the date of the holiday so couldn't go.

The woman didn't say anything to the husband.  What's she going to say?  Don't go on the holiday or you'll die.  That's what the fortune teller told me.

What would you do?

She went back to the fortune teller and asked her what to do.  Should they change the dates?  Should she convince her husband not to go?  Was there anyway she could change their fate?

The fortune teller told her nothing she could do nothing to change it.  If they went away or if they stayed at home, he'd still die.

A while later, I saw my friend and asked her what happened.  The woman had gone on the holiday like planned, making sure they had damn fine travel cover that's for sure.  And nothing happened.  Nothing.  The husband had a wonderful time and came home feeling better than ever.  You can bet the woman had a shit holiday though.

In my younger days, I went a few times to a woman who read tea leaves.  There was an urban myth about her - that a group of women had gone for a reading and she got to the fourth one and said she'd run out of time and could they come back another day.  On the way, they had a car crash and the fourth woman died.  But no one ever knew who the women were so I think it was just a bit of a story.

I also worked as a phone psychic for a while.  I had a few regular clients who said the things I told them came true.  I dunno, I just read what was in the cards.  I hated that job.  About 90% of the women who rang wanted to know if the man they loved would leave his wife for them.  You don't need to be psychic to know the answer to that.

Have you ever been to a fortune teller? Was it accurate or a load of bollocks?

* note - I know a few psychics and none of them would ever say a thing like that to a client.  They might say to be careful around certain events or words like that but they would never predict someone's death.


  1. My grandmother was a big tarot reader and "layer of hands." She was creepy on occasion. :)

  2. I have never gone to a fortune teller. But I did read cards for fun when I was much younger.


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