06 June 2013

Beauty Tip

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One of my sister's friends has super soft skin and we finally found out her secret, so I'm going to share with you because I'm awesome like that.

Exfoliate with used coffee grounds. 

That's it.  Too easy and using stuff you are only going to throw out anyway.

Not only does it make your skin nice and soft, it plumps up your skin (not that I need more plumping).  Mix it with body wash to make it easier to use.


  1. Never woulda thought of that!

    My aunt uses a squeezed lemon (the part you throw away when making lemonade) and rubs it on her elbows to help keep them from getting rough. She also used to mayo or egg our hair :< Hated it but it does make for some nice shine.

    1. I've used left over beer as a hair rinse but not often cos how often do you have left over beer!


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