28 April 2013

What Are You Looking At? Weekly Link Round Up

It's been a tough week this week.  I've had bronchitis but had to go to work which is fine but I do feel like all I'm doing is working and sleeping at the moment.  Luckily I had the public holiday on Thursday to get some rest.

So, what have I been looking at this week:

Dolphins! I have long suspected that dolphins are not the cute, hippy-trippy animals they make themselves out to be.  They have those freaky teeth and that horrible eee-e noise.  But did you know about attack dolphins?  Do not go swimming with dolphins, people.  Do not trust them.

I am totally not a Doctor Who fan but even I think this Tardis fridge is pretty damn awesome.

If you live in Melbourne and love meat, how awesome does Meatmother sound?  I so need to go there, I so need to try a bacon sour.  Everything is better with bacon, right.  Even cocktails.

This karaoke place in Tokyo has a room with a hot tub.  Yes, you can lay in the hot tub and sing.  At first, I freaked out about the dangers of electrocution from dropping the microphone but then I realised it's in Roppongi (the vilest place on Earth) so I don't care.

I want all the pretty dresses.  This one is so especially cute.

By the way, do you like my new template?  It's by the super talented Sharnee at Suck My Lolly.


  1. "but then I realised it's in Roppongi (the vilest place on Earth) so I don't care."

    ahahahahaha. Truth.

    Meanwhile, love the new look!

  2. Irish Breakfast Shot calls for bacon and it's really yummy. All part of your nutritious, delicious, healthy Sunday-Funday complete breakfast.


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