03 April 2013

The Dangers of Having an Imagination

I had to go to the dentist last night.  One of my teeth had chipped and then, with Easter indulgences, started to pain.  I rang yesterday morning and got a same day appointment for after work. Score.  Then I was so pleased to get it dealt with straightaway it took me until mid-afternoon for the nerves to kick in.

See, I am terrfied of the dentist.  Absolutely, pants poopingly terrified.  I spent all afternoon imaging horrible scenarios and outcomes.  I could almost feel the icky feeling you get when the needle wears off.  By the time I left work, I was a mess.

Here's the thing - my dentist is actually really good and it didn't hurt at all.  I did have a sore shoulder afterwards from gripping the chair so tightly but the dental work itself went well. 

I had some pretty horrific experiences with school dental nurses as a kid including being ignored when I told them the tooth they were drilling wasn't dead.  That's some deep seated dental trauma right there.

So my goal is -- well to not go to the dentist again -- but if I do, to learn to relax.  Also, to hunt down those sadist dental nurses and get payback!


  1. I feel for you... the terror and past trauma leaves me wiped when I have a dentist appointment. I have to take xanax and get nitrous and still leave feeling exhausted from gripping the chair to death. I have conveniently rescheduled my teeth cleaning that was due in Feb 3 times and now set for May. I have problems... I know I need to just get my cleaning and deal with it but I honest to god am terrified of the dentist. Good luck!

  2. I had an awesome dentist where I would actually fall asleep in the chair mid drilling. a dime a dozen. the first one I had would always miss the nerve with the Novocaine shot and would stick me about 3 times in one spot and it would still hurt.

  3. @Susie, it's stupid isn't - we are grown ups. We can go elsewhere if the dentist sucks but those fears are still there. I was wiped out for the night afterwards.

    @tom, had a few dentists like your first one. This guy is good, I'm just a wimp. I can't sleep but I zone out into la-la land, trying to forget where I am.


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