08 April 2013

Return from Auckland

I just got back from Auckland today - nice to have a weekend away.  I didn't get a lot done because there was a triathalon happening in the middle of the city and, with so many streets blocked, it was hard to get around.

I caught the ferry to Waiheke Island which was beautiful and hit the beach for a while.  I seem to only ever go to the beach when I'm on holidays, never just for a day trip when I'm home in Australia.

Are there things you only do when you on holidays? 


  1. Glad you made it back safely from your trip. I tend to walk a whole lot when I go on vacation. I like to take a stroll and check out the sites. Like in Germany, I really wished the train had gone slower through certain parts because I wanted to take in the views. Though I never would have made it to all the places I visited if I had walked the whole time.

  2. I've noticed that i like talk to interesting people in local bars when I go on vacation, Susie included ;-).

    I'm going on a long distance trip in about a month. I'm buying my plane tickets this week!! A vacation every 7 years is just way too darn long.

  3. @Susie, I'd love to know the miles/kms I walked in Japan. I had a pedometer on my phone and was doing btw 5-10 kms on an average day! On hols, I did around 25km in one day = that's more than a half marathon. It's the best way to explore.

  4. @Tom - I get shitty when I read articles on how to stay safe when travelling as a single woman. They always tell you to not go drinking alone. Sure getting absolutely shitfaced in a strange country probably isn't safe but a few drinks in a bar is tops. Some of my best holiday memories are from going out drinking with the locals. Especially the crazy locals in Kochi!


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