15 April 2013

Officially funny

The Bad Girls' Club is currently #23 in humour on Amazon at the moment. That makes me officially one of the funniest people in the world - and don't think I haven't been working that into every conversation I've had this weekend!

Now I just have to topple those 22 books ahead of me. Damn you, Douglas Adams and Janet Evanovich.

Update: I am now #10


  1. Though I originally got it for my friend and have yet to get it for myself, the cover got me. I am having a hard time with using my droid to read books it tires my eyes. But I plan to read it on my laptop now that my last Korean drama is over.

  2. I've never tried reading on my phone. I have kobo reader on my Galaxy Tab but I find it so hard to search for the books I want there.


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