04 April 2013

My bags are packed...

I'm off to Auckland tomorrow.  I think I'm organised.  It's been one of those weeks - a short week anyway with Easter and then taking tomorrow off that was made even busier because I lost my wallet last weekend.  I got sorted with a cash card from my bank so hopefully that should all be okay now.

I find as I get older, the packing gets easier.  I don't need a huge array of outfits.  I know what I like wearing - what looks good and is still comfortable.  I also don't need to pack for a range of eventualities like nightclubbing until dawn or that fancy party I might score an invitation for (although it's a bit sad that I no longer think those parties might happen).  I also pack much lighter with make up and accessories.

I did have a slight panic.  I got the charger for my camera in Japan so it doesn't work in Australia and I'd packed it away somewhere.  I figure it's worth taking and picking up a power adaptor on my travels so I can use.  I just had no idea where the charger could be.  I found it.  Also found some awesome jewellery I forgot I had and varous other things in a box.

The hardest bit about packing is that I have to take checked in bags (long story) but I didn't have nearly enough stuff.  There are so many tips and hints about how to cram all your stuff into a suitcase, nothing about how to pad the suitcase out when it isn't full.  I mean, you don't want that stuff rattling around inside.

I've got my ticket, I've got my passport.  I've got cash and a polka dot dress.  I think I'm sorted.

Anyway, what are your travel essentials? 


  1. My biggest worry when I travel is not having something to do on the down time, whether that is at the hotel at night, on the plane or taking whatever transportation. I end up packing a bunch of goodies for all those times then pull em out when I need em and go "I'm too bored to play this" Bah!

    Other than that, the camera is my most essential and that is always on me. I'll get to see how it is next month when I do my first long distance trip in 8 years. I didn't own a camera on my last plane trip.

  2. My travel essential is my bag. I have a bag that I am able to pack all my necessities AND take it as a carry-on. I took with me for my 12 day trip in Germany and it was perfect. Plus since we were going to various cities it made carrying the back about not too much of a hassle. I had a good laugh at the people with their giant rolly wheel suitcases trying to go over the cobble stone walk ways.

    Aside from that socks, undies and lotion are my tops. My skin gets so dry when I travel.

    I hope you have a great time, can't wait to hear about your adventures!


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