08 April 2013

And now for something cheesy...

I had some awesome cheeses in New Zealand. I'm not usually a fan of blue cheese but discovered the blue cheese + honeycomb combo. It is like a very sophisticated party in your mouth. I didn't get any photos because it took place in a very dimly lit wine bar, accompanied by a very saucy local riesling.

If you want to know more about cheeses, head over to the Chick Lit Chat blog right now and read The Bad Girls' Guide to Cheeses. You know you want to.

Then come back here and leave a comment about your own truths and dares and you could win a $5 Amazon voucher (to buy my book... well you could buy any book but I recommend mine).


  1. Oh I am going to have to try honeycomb with blue cheese, I LOVE blue cheese.

    I can only think of one dare and it's kinda stupid that I even did it. I could have died....

    A train run straight through the town I grew up in. And on my walk home from junior high you had to cross it. There is only one bridge that goes over it and it was at the north end of town. Even though we were told early on in school to use the bridge, I wasn't going 2 miles out of my way to walk home. So on occassion when train was approaching us dumb kids would dare each other to make a mad dash over the tracks before the train wizzed by. We could have died.... A did die on the tracks a few years before I started kinder and we were instructed during an assembly to always use the bridge. Things dumb kids do!

  2. I had blue cheese at a beer tasting party I went to back in December. It was Amazing! Not as much as the ghost chili salami though.

  3. @Susie - the blue cheese & honeycomb combo is amazing!

    There have been a lot of issues here with people getting killed running across railway crossing. I think having shitty train system doesn't help. If it's a 30 min wait for the next train, some people will take the risk.

    We used to play chicken with cars on a blind corner. Very stupid!

  4. @Tom, I've only just got into blue cheese. It used to be too strong for me. It's awesome for adding to a cheese mix in cooking :)


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