31 March 2013

What are you looking at? Weekly Link Roundup!

I haven't done a link roundup in a while. I'd like to say it's because I'm too busy writing but mostly I've been dicking around. Full time work is taking it out of me!

Have you seen the animals riding animals tumblr? It's so cute, you will squee with joy no matter who you are. Like the time I was at Epping Plaza shopping centre and two big, bogan dudes, covered in tats, were squatting in front of the window at Pets Paradise going all gooey over the cute puppy!

This dress will be mine, because a girl needs more than one red polka dot dress in her wardrobe. Okay, I have two already but one is lined and it's never the right weather to wear it. I lost my wallet on Thursday so as soon as I have a credit card, I'll be buying it.

Speaking of losing your wallet, if you are in Australia you can order pizza and other foods from Eat Now using Paypal. That means you don't need cash or a card and you won't starve to death waiting until Tuesday when the banks open.

If, like me, you hate people in animal costumes, you probably don't want to look at the Creepiest Easter Bunnies!

Are you a writer, a wanna-be writer or just writing-curious? Well Camp Nanowrimo starts on April 1st. That's in less than 1 and a half hours for us Aussies. I'm taking part and writing a series of short stories that will be totally LOLerrific (I hope).

How's your Easter been?


  1. I love the creepy bunny link! I used to manage a photo booth at the mall. We did Easter Bunny pictures and Santa pictures (not at the same time). And those costumes were scary on the outside AND inside. And unbearably hot... I had my bunnies nodding off inside of the suit all the time.

  2. Bunnies are creepy. So are Santas but at least you can see their face.


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