10 March 2013

Oh Brother, what a shit printer!

We bought a Brother wireless printer the other day, thinking it would be very handy and convenient.  What a mistake.

When it turned up, we spent about 3 hours trying to get it set up before giving up.  Then again tonight I tried to get it set up.  Firstly I thought I'd run through the USB cable instead of wireless just to make sure the printer actually worked.

But the drivers didn't work so I had to manually download the file from the Brother web site.  It took 28 minutes to download.  WTF?  I can download the entire world in 28 minutes!

Finally got it working with the cable and decided to set up the wireless.  That meant uninstalling the drivers for the cable set up and reinstalling them for wireless.

After a lot of dicking around, it wouldn't connect through the modem.  I'd just assumed that wireless meant things went from the computer to the printer, not through the modem but I was wrong.

I ended up sitting the printer next to the modem and my laptop next to that. Still nothing.

The bloody thing is going back to the store tomorrow.  I think 6 hours of my life is enough to spend getting a printer to work.


  1. Really? I've never had anything but easy times with all of the brother printers I've used. That's a bummer. I would love to get a printer for my photos, but I read that the ink will cost me like $1000 bucks to refill. I don't think I need it that much when my photo hosting does it for oh so much cheaper.

    Good luck with your new printer!

  2. Call me old fashioned but it's rare that I opt for something wireless over corded.

    I hope your next selection gives you less grief.

  3. That is one of the main reasons why Man-Beast & I have jobs ... we do all our printing at work when the bosses aren't around. Because home printers are expensive and stressful. But they do provide the cat some entertainment when they actually do print!

  4. @Tom, this printer has been a total PITA. A photo printer would be cool though!

    @Susie, there are 3 of us using it so we thought wireless would be easier. I just assumed we'd connecting directly to the printer though not through the modem.

    @Julie - we can't open email attachments from outside at work! I could upload stuff to google docs I guess.


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