02 March 2013

How to Wear More Polka Dots

I'm mad for polka dots.  Wearing polka dots makes me 24% happier on most days.  So I've decided to challenge myself to wear polka dots EVERY DAY this month.  I call it the March of Polka Dots.

I know some people aren't so committed to polka dots but if you want to incorporate more dots, and therefore more happiness, into your wardrobe, here are some easy ways to do it.

Polka dot stockings:

You can be as subtle or bold as you like with polka dots on your legs.  Just make sure the pattern doesn't make you look like you have some kind of legs-only chicken pox.

Polka dot hair accessories:

A clip, a scarf, a hair tie - all subtle just super cute. I have big bows and tiny bows and a really handy scarf for keeping my hair back.  I also had a few other cute clips that have disappeared.  I should look for them.

Polka dot underlayer:

A tee-shirt or singlet of polka dots peeking out from under your clothes.  Still polka-dotty but much more discreet.

Do you love polka dots?  Do they make you happier?  I love the classic red with white polka dots, which combination do you prefer?


  1. I'm not really a polka dot person, I'm more into stripes. I just got an amazing stripy top from uniqlo for 500yen. Pretty impressed with myself.
    Looking forward to the polka dot pictures.

  2. I love stripes too but not stripes and dots together.

  3. I am more of a glitter fan than polka dot person. But if I could I would wear polka dot hair ties. The last time I went to San Francisco I stopped into a Daiso and I really regret not getting more hair accessories. I am the queen of pony tails and it's a shame I don't have cuter hair ties.

    Also I am sure you get this a lot but you have killer eyes! I'm a tiny bit jealous :p


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