15 March 2013

How do you deal with a rape apologist?

Last night after work, I met my sister for some shopping and ramen eating time.  Exhausted and over-fed, we decided to get a cab home.

At one point, we were talking about a story that's been in the papers here recently, about a serial rapist who had been released on parole, attacked his girlfriend and was on the run.  In the original conviction, the judge had said this guy had commited acts so vile, it would be against the good of public morals to release the details.

My opinion is that he should never have been released on parole.  He's forfeited his right to be treated as a human being.

According the cabbie, the rapist had probably been set up by the media and some "psycho" chick out to get him. 

Maybe the cabbie was just making conversation but a complete lack of awareness that maybe two women in his cab would not want to hear this type of thing.  You are pretty vulnerable when you're in a cab. 

He then went on to say some woman are nuts and men have to defend themselves against them but they get the blame, the woman never does.  He did, begrudgingly add, 'so long as no one gets really hurt...'

By this stage, I was sending text messages to my sister, not sure how to react.

Normally, I'd have argued with him but I was so tired, I just wanted to get home.

We live a long way out of the city so getting out of the cab would have meant a long wait for another cab and we didn't feel any threat or danger from him (but that might not be the case for a younger girl on her own in the cab at night).

What would you do if you were in a cab and felt uncomfortable with the cab driver?


  1. I would get out. But then again like you said you were quite a bit out in the sticks...
    However, depending on where in the sticks I am, I would take my chances. Especially at night when it's so much easier to hide. Then I would carefully walk my way home not too close to the road where the serial rapist may pick me up and destroy me :/

    I guess it really depends on the situation, and how over powered you may be if you decide to fight instead of run.

  2. It was a hard call. As I said, we didn't feel in any danger from him, just that he was a complete dick. We did make him drop us off up the road so he didn't know where we live!

    Normally I'd have argued with him but was just wanting to get home. And what would it achieve anyway? I do wish we'd got his cab number and called the company to complain though.


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