21 March 2013


I'm heading to Auckland on April 5th for a long weekend of tourist fun.  It was kind of unplanned but I'm very excited about it.

Currently, I'm finding out as much as I can about things to do and what to see.  I don't really know that much about Auckland.

I'm going on my own.  I never used to travel alone but, over the last few years, have done it quite often.  It always amazes me how articles on women travelling alone focus on the safety aspect, which is pretty much reinforcing any fears people have about the world being a big, scary place.

I don't need that advice.  I need to know stuff like how to make decisions about what to do if you don't have anyone to bounce ideas off. 

Anyway, I should have some photos to post up and hopefully some funny stories to tell on my return.

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  1. Exciting! I envy you. I happen to enjoy travelling along, got used to it due to work business trips. I like the freedom of doing whatever I want and not having to compromise.

    Do you use Yelp? I know here in the states when I travel and am at a loss for places to eat I check Yelp.com and check out recent ratings and customer comments. Plus it connects up with maps so you can see how far it is from where you are.

    Good luck and I hope to hear about all your adventures soon. :D


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