29 January 2013

Truth, Dare and ... Philippa Moore

This week's Truth, Dare and... brings you Philippa Moore.  Phil is a girl with skills to burn.  Writer, blogger, marathoner and all round awesome chick, I know she's not one to back down from a challenge!

What's the craziest dare you've done - raunchy or otherwise?
It wasn't a dare as such but the closest thing I've had to it was getting a navel piercing after drunkenly declaring it to be a secret desire to a bunch of people one New Years Eve, and then finding myself in the position to get one barely three weeks later on a weekend in Sydney. Even my mum gave me encouragement! So I did it :)

Who dared you? Your friends? Yourself? Someone else?
It was mostly myself, because I'd always wanted one but my ex hated them.  Now he was out of the picture there was no reason not to get one! My friend Mary was very encouraging, and even captured the whole event on camera!  I think I deliberated over signing the release form in the piercing parlour for about half an hour, I was so scared! But there was nothing to be scared of, as it turned out.

What was the outcome? Good? Bad? Totally embarrassing?
It was awesome.  I'd never done anything like that in my life and was amazed at how sexy it looked! I spent the rest of the day, a steamy summer's day in Sydney, hanging out with my friends and feeling high as a kite, utterly delirious on life.  I still have it now, six years later, and every time I look at it I'm reminded of that 25 year old girl on the cusp of some really big adventures.  It's a time in my life I'm happy to remember and be reminded of.  And it helps keep me motivated to keep my stomach looking worthy of display ;)

Philippa Moore is an Australian writer currently living in the UK. She is best known for her blog Skinny Latte Strikes Back which won Best Health, Diet and Fitness Blog at the 2011 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. Her writing has appeared in various publications, including Running Fitness, Women's Running and Cosmopolitan. Philippa has also completed her first novel and launched a series of interviews with leading authors, Book Ends: the podcast for writers and book lovers. She loves Indian cuisine, op-shopping and yoga and very rarely sits still. She hopes that 2013 might be the year she learns to meditate.


  1. That's a good way to stay motivated to keep your tummy flat. Right now mine feels more flummy than tummy. I always wanted piercings but my body won't tolerate it so I did the next best thing tattoos!

  2. Mine is flat - like a plateau :)

  3. Seeing that makes me wish I still had a flat stomach.


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