22 January 2009

Work and out of work

I've not been working this week. Monday started with a major "I have no source of income" freak out. On Tuesday I decided to get over myself and make the most of my free time. I don't have a job so whether I spend the days productively or whether I sit around crying about it like a lil bitch, it's all the same.

So I start my days by walking down to the local bakery and grabbing a coffee. I chat to the girls that work there while I flick through the paper, trying to avoid the gloom and doom about how we're all going to hell in a handbasket. I check the exchange rate. Ever since I decided to go to Japan last year, I check the $AUD to Yen exchange rate every morning. I try to work out if it's going up or down but there is no logic or pattern. It's just numbers.

I come home with my coffee. I write. I think about writing. On Tuesday I painted a wall. Yesterday I had a leisurely lunch. I have more coffee. I'm letting life sort itself out while I enjoy what I have right now.

01 January 2009

Welcome 2009!`

I didn't go out to celebrate the new year. Being in a strange city where I don't know a lot of people and that had scant public transport made it just so much easier to stay at home. Going out on New Year's Eve tends to be bollocks anyway - the worst night of the year to party.

So I listened to music and chatted to my sister online. Then I started writing. At 11.45, I realised I was 14,000 words into my new novel. I wanted to make it 15,000 before the end of the year. Except I can't really write 1,000 words in 15 minutes - I can't type that fast, I can't think that fast.

I managed to hit that 15,000 word target by 12.15 though! Yah for me!

If it's true that what you do on New Year's Eve influences your whole year (and I'm not really sure where that comes from) then that means lots of writing this year.

Happy New Year!