09 August 2008

Fun & Games

I put in an Arts Council grant with the Australia Council so long ago that I'd forgotten about it. In order to be eligible for a grant as an emerging writing, you need to have 10 writing credits - short stories, articles etc. I thought I was well covered but I received a call from them the other day -- a lot of the articles I've written are considered 'lifestyle' so aren't counted. I had to come up with some other credits, quick smart.

I spend yesterday morning at work googling myself (which sounds so much dirtier than it is). I'm sure a whole heap of red flag sites came up on logs.

Anyway, I sent back an email with more details. I'm not sure if it's enough to get me over the line but I figure my chances of getting a grant are fairly remote anyway.

I've been reading a biography of Haruki Marakami lately. It's so the opposite of inspiring - more like a total freak out. Incredibly interesting though. The writer is one of his translators so lots of stuff about the actual translation process which I'm finding esp fascinating since I'm studying Japanese at the moment.