29 May 2008


Woohoo - my story got an honorable mention in the Desdmona Sex In the Rain competition! Go me, I rock! You can read all the entries here. I've not had a chance to read the other winners as yet because my laptop died and I kinda figure it's not suitable for work reading.

I've got a shiny new laptop now so am looking forward to some fine reading, but also some not very fine retyping of old work! Oh yeah, I lost everything. My whole life is on a corrupt hard drive (and not metaphorically). And I know I'm total moron for not backing up (well I do have a back up but from about 3 years ago and some stuff in an email account and HARD COPIES!).

I'm sure this laptop with it's lovely newness (my last two computers were secondhand so I'm loving the newness too much) will inspire bigger and better work than those that are lost anyway.

Last and so not least, last week I got to meet the wonderful Heidi who is in Australia on hols.

10 May 2008

Dusky Rose

A while back, Sommer posted about the real stuff she uses in her stories. It got me thinking about the stuff I use from real life in my stories. Definitely not my sex life - that's all imagination *sigh*. One thing I do take from real life is a lipstick I used to wear. They don't make it any more and the whole idea of it no longer being available fascinates me much more than the product itself.

They put on makeup and carefully applied their favourite lipstick, Dusky Rose, from the Starlet collection at Coles. The Dusky Rose lipstick was one of their most treasured possessions because immediately after Lola and Emily discovered just how perfect this lipstick was, and how becoming to the fair complexions of their perfect skin, the bastards at Coles decided to discontinue it. Searches through racks of makeup at neighbourhood supermarkets proved fruitless but still, years later, when shopping in an unfamiliar Coles, they would scour the racks looking for it in case one remaining tube was still lingering, forgotten, somewhere in the world.
No photos because it's long gone.

In other, completely different news, I'm going to Japan in November. I'm about 300 shades of excited about this. My entire life, I've wanted to travel to Japan. Everything about Japan fascinates (well except the tea ceremony) and I'm going to explode with the excitement of it all. Did you know there is a department store in Tokyo that has a whole floor devoted to robots?
I'm sure there will be porn bought as well. Really kinky Japanese porn. Hoot! Might have to check about bringing that home through customs.

07 May 2008


As I caught the train to work the other morning, a couple sat opposite me. She was English in the way that some people hold onto their Englishness even if they were never born there. She looked dry like if you touched her, she'd give off puffs of dust and face and powder and spoken in measured way like her words were controlled by war rationing. He looked younger than her but maybe wasn't, just better aged.

Her hand glide slowly over to him, resting on his thigh, within in millimetres of his. She stared out the window, at nothing in particular, as though the hand didn't belong to her. He stared ahead, his mouth set into a hard line. He didn't acknowledge her. He didn't take her hand in his. He didn't brush it away.

I could feel the weight of the hand between them. She stared outside; he stared ahead. Slowly, she removed her hand.