25 June 2008

Finally, some writing...

I've not written a word for ages (not literally, but you know what I mean). I think I've been intimidated because when I got my laptop, I got a limited version of Office - like you can use it 30 times or something before you need to register it and I keep saving those times for important things like resume updates. I should just bite the bullet and register.

The other thing taking me away from writing is the preparation for my Japan trip. I've got to search important things like Ninja training (oh yeah, I'll surely be doing that) and learning the language and stuff.

So today, since I'm not working, I actually wrote. Still not real writing, just typing up a story that I lost the soft copy of when my old laptop died but I think it's a better story for having been retyped. I've tightened it up quite a bit.

Hopefully this will get the juices flowing, so to speak, and I'll be far more productive in future.


  1. Hi, Kathryn! If you're interested in some pre-travel cultural immersion, I'll be entertaining a special guest over at my blog this Wednesday--a woman with a lot of experience with Japan, if you know what I mean. (She's the protagonist of Donna George Storey's erotic novel, Amorous Woman.) Or if you yourself have been to Japan before, maybe you can teach her a thing or two. ; )

  2. Ummm, good luck with the Ninja training....


  3. Interesting. I've basically given up on word-processors. Word pad does just about all I need - ok, it's a word processor of sorts, but not the full thing, and it doesn't have a spell-check, but they're a mixed blessing. Don't neglect your writing for the want of a word-processor.


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