28 January 2008


I've been slacker than hessian underwear about setting any writing goals for 2008. Mostly because once I set goals, I'll have to work towards achieving them and all that kind of hard worky type stuff.

I feel like I achieved very little last year. Well in the second half of the year anyway. I can't really remember way, way back to the beginning of 2007 but I do think there was a flash of productivity there. Then I started having to drive a long way to work and all that driving seemed to sap the energy from me. Not even so much the time lost but the intense concentration involved. Or maybe that's just an excuse.

So this year I want to

  • submit at least one short story and one article idea a month
  • finish my damn novel that I've been working on forever. I want to get it finished and submitted and out of my headspace so there's room for new and exciting things.
  • write my whole new and exciting novel.
Simple yet effective goals.

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