20 November 2007

Good News and Bad

Good news = I've got two short stories coming out soon, one online and the other in an anthology. More details when things are all finalised.

Bad news = months ago I entered a short story contest put on by my local council. I never heard back from them until recently. Apparently all the entries have been complied into an anthology published by the local paper. I received an email advising me that the book was available and that I could purchase a copy for $25. I smell scam, big time. I never gave any authorisation for them to publish my story, I never signed a release. There was no monetary compensation, not even a free contributors' copy of the book. It seems a lot of the entrants are livid, as well they should be.

01 November 2007


I decided the other day I'm doing Nanowrimo this year. Since I've not written a damn thing in months, I need to jump start my writingness and it seemed like as good a method as any. I've also decided that since I don't really care too much about writing anything usable or reworkable, I'm totally writing something I'd never normally do. So I'm writing a big, demented bloodbath of a horror story. There will be clowns and there will be violence.