14 April 2007


I haven't updated in forever because I haven't been writing. I've had a dry spell - I hate to say I've had writer's block because it sounds so airy-fairy like when people talk about their muse. I've just not had anything to say. It panics me sometimes, like I'm never ever going to write again. The thought of trying to write makes me feel sick inside. Its so much harder when I'm not working because if I'm not working, I should be writing.

So yesterday I started a short story. It's a strange story and much more wispy than the things I normally write. I'm not sure if it'll be good or not. It's a scary thing to write - like cooking something with a delicate flavour. It just takes one drop of something too much for it to spoilt and overpowered. I'm not used to being light handed, normally I'm much more robust.

The last few projects I worked on, I felt proud of what I'd done. I'd put in the work and the words come easy. With this one, I feel like a beginner again. Maybe I needed the dry spell and the scariness to move to a new level.