06 March 2007


I did my presentation last night. I did okay. I could have done better but I really didn't want to put the time and effort into it that I'd have needed to. I'm happy with adequate. I went way over the 10 minute time limit and had to dump 2/3 of my notes - which is rare for me, normally I go way under because I talk so fast.

A lot of people in my class told me I'm so brave, being the first one to give a presentation. I don't see anything brave about it - we all have to do them so I'd rather get it out of the way. There's nothing brave about that. Maybe they meant I'm brave talking about erotica. I think a lot of people in my course are very elitist about writing. Snobs.

02 March 2007


I have to give a presentation to my editing class on Monday about some aspect of language or publishing. I decided to talk about erotica, because I'm a slackarse and didn't want to research something I didn't know.

I volunteered to do the first presentation. People think I'm brave but it's not that. I want to get this out of the way so I can skip some classes and go to running training instead... shhhh!

Once I'd get all nervous and flustered about doing something like this. I hated any kind of public speaking and that wasn't helped when I did my business degree. We had to a group assignment on an industry and then look at their financial systems. Riveting stuff, huh? But it gets worse - our group got given bitumen. Oh yeah. Now that's a glam industry to research.

To make it even worse, we had to go out and interview someone from the industry then, as a courtesy, invite them to the talk. Our lecturer said the industry people never actually come to the talk. Well our guy was passionate about bitumen in a way that was most unhealthy. And he came to the talk. And he questioned us about it. In detail.

If I can survive talking for 5 minutes about bitumen, I reckon talking about something fun like erotica is a breeze. Plus I have my golden, confidence building rule for talking - just remember no one is actually listening to you anyway.