18 February 2007

Exciting News

One of my stories is up at Clean Sheets. It's a bit different from the stuff I normally write.

Also, this week I went to Borders and they had some copies of the Mammoth Book of Erotica that contains my story. I wanted to prance around, showing everyone in the store - pointing to my story and telling them that was me. Well I actually thought of pulling up a table and doing an impromtu signing, but contained myself.

I have always dreamed of having something I wrote available in Borders and now that dream has come true. Time to work on my other dream - I want to one day get on a tram and see someone reading my novel. One day!

05 February 2007


Today my contributor's copies of the The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica: Volume 6 all shiny and new. With a lovely shiny cheque. There were many issues with it arriving mainly due to Australia Post existing to make my life a misery. I am happy today. Very happy.

I am making progress with my novel but the finish line is like a mirage. I see it in front of me and keep running towards it and it moves further and further away. Damn you finish line. But I'm colouring more and more of my colour coded chart pink and pink is the colour of finished chapters.

The next time I write a novel, I will not use the word 'was' in the first draft. That will make editing so much easy. Damn you, 'was', you're an evil word.