27 January 2007

Wall of Hotness!

Lately I've noticed I'm getting lazy in my writing especially when it comes to male characters. I have a few stock phrases I use as a shortcut to signify hotness. Floppy fringes are a big one. And round buttocks filling out a pair of jeans. Not to mention I have this total fixation on the name Jack.

Not good, not good at all. It's total slackness and must be nipped in the bud now.

My plan of attack is the Wall of Hotness! I'm going to stick up pictures of hot men around my writing area for inspiration. Oh, it's such a hard job sometimes, isn't it.

To take this further, I want to take this further and actually distill the essential elements of hotness from each pic. Personally, I find it much sexier to pick one pivotal detail that sums up the sexiness than a whole laundry list of features. Often it is just that one little thing that makes the heart (or other body parts) go zing.

I used to work for a guy who had the sexiest hands. He'd be discussing a project while curling long, thin fingers around a coffee mug and not a word he'd say would penetrate my brain. How could they when my head was filled with other thoughts?

So far I have one picture on my wall - Dean Winchester from Supernatural (Jensen Ackles, but fictional characters tend to be much sexier than actors). Hard one to distill since he is every colour of the sexy rainbow. My sister loves the pouty bottom lip - and I do have to agree with her there - but I've also got a thing for the eyelashes.

Next up (once I find some pics online) is Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break. That chest with the open shirt makes me swoon.

I've got a horrible feeling this could end badly though. I can see myself with a camera stalking me through the night. Actually that idea has real possibilities.

18 January 2007

Slowly, Slowly

Not much done this week on account of I had bad headaches then I went to the doctor and she thought I had a brain aneurysm so I had to watch all of season one of Prison Break in cause my head exploded before I found out if Michael Schofield and his brother Lincoln Burrows escaped from Fox River. Also it's very difficult to write raunch when you need to keep cam.

Anyway I don't have an aneurym, so that rocks. It could be a neck thing instead. I have to get more x-rays and have physio. I think my doctor is a drama queen cos last time she told me I had broken ribs but they were just bruised (still painful though).

I found out this morning, I've had a story accepted for Clean Sheets. Woohoo! I love Clean Sheets.

I'd been thinking that I'm getting a lot more short stories accepted lately but then realised I'm sending a lot more out.

14 January 2007


Total chapters: 26
Finished chapters: 19
Chapters need rewrites: 3
Unedited chapters: 4

I'm finally getting somewhere. The other night I was talking to a friend about the stuckness of my novel when I had a thinky thing in my head. The four unedited chapters are the last four chapters (funnily enough). The rest of the novel is strewn around my room because I've been doing paper edits. So, instead of pushing myself through the stuckness, I'm going to type up the paper edits then worry about the end once I'm done. That way I can be most productive this week (otherwise I'd just wallow in stuckness) and once I get to the end, I'll know what I'm doing (yes, I'm that optimistic).

Other stats - I had a short story accepted this week plus an article. One rejection so far this year. I also had an idea for short story yesterday so will be working on that this week.

11 January 2007


No progress this week. Well I got ONE lousy chapter edited. Then I got to the next and I've been stuck ever since. The sticky chapter needs a lot of work, it's the first chapter so far in my edits that needs major rewriting so I guess that's a good thing. The problem is that I changed the ending of the chapter and now the beginning does work. Well actually the bottom line problem is that I'm not in the character's head for this chapter. I know she starts at point A and gets to point B but I can't picture how she does it yet. She's got to make a dramatic about face in this chapter and the problem is that the start of the chapter is too low key. It's like a pendulum - you can't have a huge swing in one direction unless it starts high in the other direction.

I guess what I need to do is forget about getting this done fast and sit down and plot out the whole chapter - the motivations and stakes and all that stuff - then write it from scratch! Arrrggh... hard work but it's gotta be done.

The other reason is for my procrastination is that once this chapter is done, I only have the first 3 chapters and the last 3 chapters to go - the hard ones, the ones that have to be perfect - that freaks me out. Then I have to write a hooky query letter and every time I think about that, I get into a 'my novel sucks big time' freak out. I know it doesn't suck big time - well, I certainly hope so - but I'm too close and too bogged down in the details to be able to write a short, punchy hook.

On the least distraught side, my sister and I have started a collaborative YA novel. We're going to work on it one afternoon a week and it's heaps of fun.

03 January 2007

Novel Progress Stats (AKA I Rock)

I thought I'd put up my progress stats just so I feel good about myself.

Total chapters: 26
Finished chapters: 15
Chapters need rewrites: 3
Unedited chapters: 9

Unfortunately, work must slow down after tomorrow because I'm going camping! I'm having total 'OMG, what the hell was I thinking?' fits about this. Real camping. In a tent. In the bush. No showers, no electricity and a rustic toilet. Just a thin layer of nylon between me and the outdoors.

I do have a plan of attack though. A circle of rock salt around the tent to keep out evil spirits (see I don't just watch Supernatural for a perv, it's educational too) and in case of Mick Taylor style Wolf Creek psychos, I plan to use my friend's as human shields. I figure they deserve it since the last time I left the city, I spend hours wandering alone and lost in the bush and they didnt' even notice. I could have been dead in a ditch somewhere or brutally attacked by critters!

If I survive three days in the wildness, I plan to finish my novel next week. Yippee!

02 January 2007


My goal for 2007, writing-wise, is to finish my damn novel and get it published. Not too much to ask for, surely. I'm getting through the edits so think it will be finished within a month or so. Then comes the scary bit of sending off to be rejected. I ache for myself already.

Once that's done, I'm going to start novel #2. I love starting things - it's all new and fresh and you can focus on the big picture rather than dicking around with all the nitty-gritty stuff. I pretty much know what I want to write so I'm just keeping it on the back burner at the moment.

I also want to produce something new at least once a month - a short story or article. Woohoo for things that are quickly finished. And double woohoo for things that can be sold and give me money.


I read something that really pissed me off last night - an article about women who use male prositutes. LONELY women! Why are women labelled 'lonely' if they see a male hooker? Nobody calls dudes who go to hookers lonely men. They'd call them horny men (or even just men... no need to justify men wanting sex).

There's something sad and pathetic about the whole 'lonely woman' tag. I've never had the inclination to visit a man-whore but if I did, it would be because I'm lonely, it would be because I wanted a red-hot sex muffin to fulfill my every fantasy.