27 December 2006

A Very Productive Day!

After much procrastinating, today I started on my final novel draft. I really expected it to be heavy going and planned on editing a chapter a day. So far today, I've knocked off four chapters to final draft stage. Of course they are the ones early in the book so are pretty much polished and just need a little tinkering. Still it makes me happy - I'd gotten this idea into my brain that the whole book is a total mess but really it's not. The scenes work well and the structure is solid, I love the characters and some bits still make me laugh even after all these edits - all good signs.

25 December 2006

Merry Christmas

Have a good one everybody!

I started the day with a run so I could have guilt-free eating but my ipod earphones are cactus and kept falling out. I nearly chucked them in the bin. Luckily Strathfield have 70% off headphones in their boxing day sale - woohoo!

After the run, I picked up my son and we went hunting for coffee. A cafe near here was open and making a damn fine latte so more woohoos! Then I opened my presents and got the boxed sets of Rocky and Mad Max. Plus Andrew loved his Sponge Bob Square Pants teeshirt I got him. I wasn't sure about it, but bought it on impulse yesterday. He was so excited, he put it on straightaway which only really means anything if you know him because he is so laidback.

We cooked food and ate far too much and watched Mad Max and napped. Now I'm going to nap some more.

It's weird to think that today is Christmas but in some places it's not Christmas yet. Then tomorrow is Boxing Day and some places, like the US don't even have Boxing Day. I guess we need to have boxing day because of the Boxing Day Test, whereas Americans don't play cricket. And, woohoo, Australia is the best country in the world at cricket. Australia rocks! I don't normally watch cricket but this year has been very exciting and there is some really hot English guy playing - I haven't found out his name yet.

There is another weird American thing I've been trying to work out - and I hope someone can answer me this: on Veronica Mars recently, Veronica was eating soup and Keith Mars walked in said something about soup only being a side dish???? At first I thought he meant a starter instead of a side because who eats soup as a side dish? But then I remembered Americans call main course entree which is hella weird (like calling the room in the middle of your house the entrance, who'd do that?)

So hopefully someone can explain if it's

a. he used the wrong word
b. Americans call side dishes starters
c. Americans eat soup as a side dish.

I think I have too much time on my hands worrying about that.

Other than that, Merry Christmas!

19 December 2006

Happy News

One of my story stories has been accepted for the 'Got a Minute' anthology - a very pretty book filled with quick, sexy reads.

I also have another short story in the Mammoth Book of New Erotica which should be turning up on my doorstep (along with a nice cheque) any day now.

I do love seeing my work published. What a thrill!

12 December 2006

Sense and Sensibility

I'm crap at writing description, I have to admit it. It's something I really have to work at. I seem to write in layers - first the dialogue and action, the nuances like gestures and body language, then lastly the description. I'm totally a minimalist and sometimes I think I'd be better off being a scriptwriter then I could ignore that side of things altogether.

One aspect of description that I need to hammer into myself all the time is to use senses. It's something that doesn't come naturally to me and, I swear, being a heavy smoker for something like 20 years has totally obliterated my sense of smell and taste.

I've noticed though in my reading lately whenever I read about a smell or taste, it seems to be tacked on. I don't know whether I notice this more because I'm aware of it being one of my failings or if there are a heap of writers out there who are constantly being told - use your senses - by writing teachers and critique partners.

One thing I struggle with is whether to actually announce the description with a big sledgehammer - 'I kissed him and it TASTED like peppermint' or if I can do that in a more subtle way.

Maybe I need to write some masters of description writing to get a feel for what works.

02 December 2006

I've got so many things on the go at the moment - mostly short stories - that my mind is whirling. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and I just have to make a list and prioritise stuff then make myself sit down and work on one thing at a time. Hopefully I'll clear the to-do list over the next couple of weeks then get back into my novel. Hopefully I'll go back to it all refreshed and ready to finish it off.

I realised after Nikki's comment on my last post, I've never actually said much about my novel. It's just "The Novel"... so here goes:

The Bad Girls Club is the story of three girls, sick of following the rules. They band together to form the Bad Girls Club and, through a series of explicit dares, learn about their sexuality, themselves and the value of friendship.

That's a quick, off the top of my head, blurb.

Now I must write - I told myself that when I get 2,000 words of the short story I'm working on done, I could do a weights workout and I only have 1,500. And yes, I do realise I'm a sick puppy when I think of doing weights as a reward!