18 September 2006


Last week I workshopped some of my novel at my writing class. It went okay but afterwards I realised I didn't really want the feedback. I don't want anyone else's input into what I'm doing - I know where I'm going and how to get there. I just need the time and the space to do it.

I've had so much help getting to this stage but now I want to build a big, high fence around my work and keep everyone else out. I have to be blinkered and completely focused on getting to the finish line. Other ideas and suggestions just scatter my thoughts.

As for my timeline, I wanted this draft finished by my birthday. That was last Friday. Oops. I've got the final three chapters to write and I'm very much afraid of them. I finish work this week so think next week I need to immerse myself in my novel. Maybe lock myself in my room and not come out until it's finished.

01 September 2006

Shiny Things

I have a short story - Shiny Things - up at the CCLaP website. It has explicit language. I'd actually forgotten that until I saw it up at the site.

Otherwise I've been plodding along. No great strides forward, but getting there. I have a couple of chapters of my novel to rework then the mammoth task of rewritting the ending. The original ending was lame as. It lacked punch. Not justMuhommad Ali punch but it even lacked Mr Burns punch. I'm still on course to have this draft done by my birthday - 16th September if you are thinking of sending flowers or cards or maybe cash - after that, I'm more than likely going to be unemployed so want to spend a solid month of editing and pulling everything together.

I posted more about this on my other (weight loss) blog, but think it's appropriate here too so have pasted it below:

So anyway, life... there are things you'd think I'd learn. Like every time I start a new contract I'm all like I'm going to save heaps of money then suddenly my contract gets to it's end and I've saved nothing. Buggered if I know where the money goes - dresses, shoes and car repairs, I guess.

My contract is coming to an end soon and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm so not wanting to look for another job. I'm sick of working for the Man. The Man sucks. But I need to pay rent and eat and all that kind of thing, so I'm trying to think of ways to make money that aren't so time consuming. A few ideas are kicking around.

My needs are simple (except for my need for dresses and shoes but I have enough of those, enough I tells ya) and my living expenses are cheap. I've worked out I can get by if I'm frugal on $200 - $250 a week.

I've been doing a lot of soul searching about this. I think I'd rather live simply and have my time for own pursuits than rake in the cash but be at the Man's beck and call. So much of the stuff I spend my money on is unnecessary - I think working puts you on this consumerist treadmill. You work, then you feel like you should reward yourself for working so you buy pretty trinkets and sparkly things then you have to work more ... until you die.

I've spent so long working for financial type companies where I don't really give a damn about the company or them making money for their shareholders or their profits and bottom lines. I spend my life doing things that I don't really give a rat's arse about. It's not like I feel any of these companies are ethically wrong, but they aren't really in line with my personal ethics either.

Every time I take on a new job, I think I can fit my writing in around it, or that I'll save money and take time off to write but that's not working. It's like saying I'm going to eat all this chocolate cake now, then my belly will be full of chocolate cake and I won't have to eat cake in the future. We all know how that works!

I need to put ME first and put a value on myself that's beyond any pay packet.