09 August 2006

Writing Group

My sister and I have decided to start a writing group of two. Every Saturday we will go to a local cafe and read through each other's work in progress. We are also going to set our weekly goals and, if one of us doesn't acheive them, they have to shout lunch.

It's good having a sister who gives good feedback and is obessive about grammar. Mighty handy indeed.

07 August 2006

The Voices In My Head

When I write, my first draft is almost always dialogue. It's like I'm watching a movie in my head and I have to transcribe the words before I can register anything else. Later I'll go back and add in the bits between the words - the actions, the setting, the thoughts.

I thought everyone wrote like that but apparently not. It amazes me when I read other people's fully fleshed out first drafts. Some people don't even write dialogue! Amazing stuff.