05 October 2006

I've had a few things accepted lately. One short story by a company that does audio for the internet - that should be really interesting to hear when it's up and running, and on in the "school" magazine.

Yesterday I actually got my butt into gear and printed out some stuff to send off the old fashioned way. I'm fine with sending work out when it's by email but absolutely hopeless if I have to print it out and post it. Firstly, I have only two USB ports on my dodgy old computer - one that is used by my keyboard and one that is used by my modem. So I have to unplug stuff to plug in the printer. It drives me mad.

Then I have to go to the post office and it's annoying and overcrowded. I hate the post office! It bugs me that they have such a extensive range of goods and services there, you have to wait for people to do their banking and pay their bills and buy CDs and all manner of shit just so you can post a letter. What's with that?

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  1. I hate going to the PO. *sigh* It takes me forever to mail things because I keep putting off and putting it off until I absolutely have to go. =D


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